SUTRAK is celebrating nearly over 50 years of global design innovation and uncompromising performance. We are a leading manufactuer of HVAC systems for Bus, Light Rail Vehicles (LRV) and Automated People Movers (APM).

First Homerun: In the 1970’s SUTRAK patented roof mounted HVAC technology for buses. Prior to this, only skirt mounted and rear mounted systems existed. They were so well received that SUTRAK expanded to 6 continents and are now ubiquitous around the globe. In 1981, SUTRAK established a manufacturing site in Colorado. The facility served as the North American Headquarters until the 2006 expansion.

More Homeruns: SUTRAK presented the electric technologies to the US Transit Industry in Las Vegas in 2002. This resulted in a series of first to market for production buses in the United States.

  • First production self contained rear mount HVAC systems on gas electric buses (New Flyer ISE)
  • First self contained HVAC to integrate dual scroll compressor technology (redundancy and efficiency) for production buses.
  • First generator powered electric HVAC on articulated diesel buses (New Flyer 2006)
  • First generator powered electric HVAC on 40 foot diesel buses (NABI 2007-2008, multiple projects 2009-2019)